Brand Position

For our purposes, we can define “brand” as the sum of all available information about a product, service or company. As consumers, we are all influenced by the effects of a powerful brand positioning-“brainwashed,” so to speak to have the preference for one versus another. But today there are so many choices for consumers that this term has a secondary derivation-“whitewashing.” That’s why we take wise steps to provoke attention of customers.

As companies are confronted with the increasingly difficult task of differentiating their products and services in hyper-competitive markets, a strong brand can protect and expand relationships with valued customers. The effective brand building can boost recognition, purchase intent and loyalty to help deliver the business strategy. We approach includes market research to assess your brand image, collaborative work sessions to define your brand identity (please refer to our sample Workshop materials), and proven frameworks to develop relevant, distinct and credible positioning strategies.

Brand Families

We know that 92% of consumers report that “word-of-mouth and recommendations from people they know” are the leading influence on their purchase behavior. Only 37% trust search engine ads, and just 24% trust online banner ads. They trust their friends and family the most when looking for brand our company give lot of importance to brand families. Our company ensures on following purposes of brand families that:-

  • It is easy to identify the new brand in the company under family branding by the customers.
  • It gives uniformity to all the brands falling under it may be through one designated approach of advertising, promotion, packing etc.
  • It is a very economical strategy to be implemented.
  • It is probably the best way to enter into new segments or introduce a new product to market.
  • It will be very profitable for firms which are having different quality of brands and different images of brands if followed properly.
  • It is the branding strategy that gives the probability of a brand extension for every possible quality of profile.

Brand extensions

Brand extension is using the leverage of a well-known brand name in one category to launch a new product in a different category.” Our,s company focus on band extensions because The world is changing so quickly that marketers are constantly challenged to come up with new ways to define and position we consider demographic shifts and the identification of new classes of consumers with specific needs. The starting point of searching for our successful brand extensions is research that profiles the consumers’ view of the boundaries and leverage of the brand.We provide following advantages through Extensions of brands:

  • It makes acceptance of new product easy.
  • It increases brand image.
  • The risk perceived by the customers reduces.
  • Cost of developing a new brand is saved.

Brand refreshing

When you think about the most successful brands, newly launched ones usually come to your mind. Much less attention is given to existing brands whose success is largely determined by a skillful and periodic refreshment of their promise and appearance.

Rebranding is usually less spectacular than launching a new brand, yet more frequent and complex for the brand owner. We know that existing brands have their heritage and a well-established market position. Since these concepts don’t apply to new brands, there is nothing they put at stake. That’s why the most important rule of rebranding says: First, do no harm. Our company follow these rebranding methods

  • The extent of possible changes
  • Brand refreshing model